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March 25, 2017

6000-year-old Mystery Sensibly Solved in Six Minutes

The apple is not mentioned as the fruit in the world's oldest and greatest mystery story.  So, what is the fruit?  And why do Adam and Eve eat the FORBIDDEN fruit, instead of the fruit that is NOT forbidden, especially when both trees are right next to each other in the center of the Garden? Your six-minute book read answers both questions precisely.

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Here is the key that unlocks the door, opens it, and solves the mystery:

Fruit Fright

Now for the important question:  why does the exegesis of the second and third chapters of Genesis presented in the above book cause fear and anger, when the exegesis does not threaten Christianity in any way, but, rather, actually strengthens Christianity by providing it with a foundation of seriousness that the eating of a piece of fruit could never provide?

A Neologism?

Is the book's exegesis of the second and third chapters of Genesis just another neologism?  No, it is not.  If the book's exegesis is only the latest neologism, but not the exhumation and revelation of the original story, then not only did the individual(s) who first heard the story, have absolutely no idea what the story meant, but neither did the storyteller(s).  It is difficult to believe this happened.  ("Sometimes I just say things--I don't know what they mean.")  If it did happen, then we have to try to imagine the original storyteller(s) telling the story while having no understanding of what they were saying, unless these original storytellers, for some reason, deliberately disguised and beautified the story, to hide its true meaning.  This would certainly have required complex ability, to intentionally mystify at the very dawn of human consciousness.  It would also have required the original listeners to not ask the original storytellers any questions about this new story--a story that made no sense.  So, the mystification probably happened later.  And, of course, when it did, everyone would have known what the entire story meant.  For a while.